The data provided on this site is based on various sources. The more recent information is based on data provided by (distant) releatives. Data of the older generations was found in the several (National) archives we visited and was also found on many pages found throughout the internet. If possible, we tried to verify the data found on the internet by visiting the following archives:

As we were unable to trace the the original source of the data found on several homepages (which data was copied by others etc.) there is no further mentioning of any source.  

The 'Links' button in the menu will provide you with several (online) datasources. Should you feel that your site is an addition to these sources, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail so we can add your site. 

For now, only the data for both Gouweloos (Goulooze etc) and the Storm families have been added to this site. In the menu above you can make a choice for which family you would like to see more information. 

The question of a Gouweloos' namesake whether there was a family connection triggered our search for family members. The actual link between the two Gouweloos' namesakes was finally found. This link was found months ago and in the meantime we have added many (distant) relatives to our collection.

In our search for a computer program capable of storing the genalogical data we gathered we found a (Dutch) program called Aldfaer. Not only is this a freeware program, it turned out to be the ideal program for us to store our data in. For each family we are doing research for we have created a seperate database. This is also the reason that each family is displayed seperately on these pages.



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